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English Corpora: most widely used online corpora. Billions Word2. SIZE. Corpus size is incredibly important, in terms of the richness of the corpus data. A tiny one million word corpus is extremely limited in terms of the phenomena that it can study -- compared to a 400 million word corpus, where there might be 400 times as much data The corpus contains more than 50 million words of text from the web, and it is the first large web-based corpus that is so carefully categorized into so many different registers. This is quite different from other very large corpora that simply present huge amounts of data from web pages as giant blobs, with no real attempt to categorize them into linguistically distinct registers The BYU corpora served as my entry-point into corpus linguistics, and they have provided the corpus data that has been used in most of the law-and-corpus-linguistics work that has been done to date. And beyond that, the BYU Law School has played an enormous role, in a variety of ways, in Law and Corpus Linguistics becoming a thing Side-by-side comparisons of corpora (American and British English) Until recently, if you wanted to use the BYU corpus interface to compare frequencies in two of corpora (e.g. COCA and the BNC), you had to do two separate searches and then compare the data in another program, like Excel.Now, however, with just one click, you can compare the results of a search in two corpora side-by-side.

Google Books n-grams (BYU) 45 billion words: 2011: Info: 5: WordAndPhrase: Top 40,000 words: 2017: Info: The Corpus del Español has two different parts (both of which are now available with an English and a Spanish interface and help files): the (original, smaller). English-Corpora.org home . corpora . Overview Guided tour Insight into variation History/updates Queries Size Speed. users . Overview Number of users Researchers. related resources . Overview Full-text data Word frequency Collocates N-grams WordAndPhrase Academic vocabulary iWeb resources. my account. Early English Books Online (EEBO) is a collection of texts created by the Text Creation Partnership.The open source version that we have at this site contains 755 million words in 25,368 texts from the 1470s to the 1690s.. The corpus was created as part of the SAMUELS project (2014-2016), which was funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council BYU Law hosts the 5th Annual Law & Corpus Linguistics Conference February 6th & 7th. Click here for details. Open Beta Version 3.00. 5 February 2019: Version 3.00 Click here to see. If you have used the site before, you may need to clear the cached files in your browser to see the new interface PDF overview. The TV Corpus contains 325 million words of data in 75,000 TV episodes from the 1950s to the current time. All of the 75,000 episodes are tied in to their IMDB entry, which means that you can create Virtual Corpora using extensive metadata -- year, country, series, rating, genre, plot summary, etc. The TV corpus (along with the Movies Corpus) serves as a great resource to look at.

Notes. 1 The Corpus of Contemporary American English contained about 365 million words in size when it was released in early 2008 (20 million words each year, 1990-2007). As of Dec 2017, it has more than 560 million words. It will continue to grow by 20 million words each year. 2 Refers to the Second Release (2005) of the American National Corpus Possibilities in virtual corpora outside of the Wikipedia corpus. At the moment, it doesn't seem to be possible to create virtual corpora with the Hansard corpus and Google Books. All other English BYU corpora allow you to create them and, depending on the information they provide, also offer different options to fine-tune your search corpus.byu.edu (Research) Linguistics Professor Mark Davies has created and maintains a series of monumental corpora, including the Corpus of Contemporary American English, the Corpus of Historical American English, the TIME magazine Corpus of American English, the Corpus del Español, and the new (beta) Google Books interface COFEA was initial conceptualized by James Phillips, in 2015 while he as a visiting professor at BYU Law School. It covers the time period starting with the reign of King George III, and ending with the death of George Washington (1760-1799), making it the oldest historical corpus of American English, and the possibly the first in existence for that time period

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The FLOW Lab is a research laboratory in Brigham Young University's Mechanical Engineering Department.FLOW embodies our four focus areas. It is an acronym for FLight, Optimization, and Wind, and the word itself represents aerodynamic flows that are prevalent in our applications. In other words, our areas of expertise are aerodynamics and optimization with applications in aircraft design and. The official channel of the BYU Men's Chorus, the largest male collegiate choir in the USA. BYU Men's Chorus is known for its polished musical performances a..

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Wayne Schneider assisted with data harvesting, text tagging, and developed the first functional BYU Law Corpus. His background in computer science combined with formal coursework in corpus linguistics insured that the project continued to move forward. Public Beta Version 3.00. Law & Corpus Linguistics UI Full-text data from the BYU corpora (COCA, COHA, GloWbE, NOW, Wikipedia, Spanish. Full-text corpus data introduction . Overview Using the data Limitations (10/200) format/samples . Overview Database/SQL. corpora . related sites . English-Corpora.org Word frequency. BYU Corpora; Advisement; More. Faculty Publications. From 2020; From 2019; From 2018; From 2017; From 2016; Student Publications. Theses; Magazines and Journals; Clubs. LELS (Linguistics and English Language Society) Stet: The Editors' Network; Linguistics & TESOL Graduate Student Society; Translation & Localization Club; Media Gallery. Photo.

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Corpus: Texts (95% available in full-text data)Focus / strengths: iWeb: The Intelligent Web Corpus (More info)14 billion words / 22 million web pages / ~100,000 websites: Size, size, and more size. Taken from ~100,000 of the most widely-used websites (for English) in the world

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